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Our Process of Installing Your New Roof


The Insurance Payments

Your insurance company will typically mail two insurance checks.

Timing varies, but in general:

The first one, we collect on the day of the installation.

The second one, we receive upon our final inspection.


On our scheduled day, we install your new roof!

When we complete the installation, we do a completion inspection to ensure our standard of quality.

Once we are thoroughly happy with the installation, we have you sign a Certificate of Completion.

Call Us!

Once we get your call, we will set up a time for us to visit for a thorough inspection.

We will perform a full exterior search for damage or concerning issues with your roof. We will also get an inside look to see if there are any problems with the interior roofing as well.


If We Find

If any damage is found, we show you photos of the specific findings and explain why and what your options are. We are happy to answer any questions and ensure you have a full understanding.


What About Insurance?

Every situation is different, and no matter your own unique insurance claim, we are here to help. 

Depending on what our damage findings are, we help you report what specifics are necessary. We also help with calling and navigating the details with them directly.

From this point, we meet with the insurance adjusters for verification of damage found.

They then write an Insurance Estimate/Scope of Work and we address any supplements that need adjusted.

Now we are ready to talk details!

No Insurance?

We would then offer a cash bid.


The Details

Our next step is to decide on the details of your new roof (ex. shingles, color, etc.). With this information we write a Work Order and set an official build day!



Climbing a Ladder
Screen Shot 2023-05-24 at 12.24.20 AM.png

Important Note

Interior damage and other repairs are scheduled throughout the process in a similar manner.


What Damage Do We Look For?

Important Note

Once the build date is set, we must receive a deductible. 

Unfortunately the insurance companies do not cover this fee. 

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